Grip and Lighting

Hawaii Media Inc. is the most complete Grip company in Hawaii. We supply 3 & 5 Ton pre-loaded trucks, Fisher and Chapman dollies, Supertechno cranes, speedrail camera and car mount systems. We service feature films, TV series and sports, commercials, music videos, industrials, documentaries and still shoots. Packages available statewide from Hawaii Media Inc.



HMI has the most comprehensive grip equipment on the island. From student films to the largest Hollywood feature films we can supply all your needs including pre-loaded truck packages  



Hawaii Media Inc. is Hawaii’s largest lighting company with the largest and newest inventory in the state. Featuring flicker-free HMI, LED, incandescent, Kino-Flo, ARRI, Film Gear and HydroFlex lighting systems. Cable, distributions, GFI’s and generators meet OSHA standards. Packages and service available statewide. Get the best gear and the best crews from Hawaii Media. Inc.



Cable, Distribution boxes, crossovers, it's all here on island ready to go.